Las Vegas Home to Business Scams?


On Wednesday, October 13th, three Las Vegas companies were raided by the FBI on suspicion of telemarketing scams. I had a friend who facebooked a picture of the raid as it occurred directly across from his place of employment.  All three companies have websites which claim they consult businesses and help them obtain Small Business Administration loans.  All three companies have been the target of complaints in recent months from people who allege they had given the three companies money to help their struggling businesses, but once the money was given, all communication ceased.  One of the companies websites claims it has over a decade of experience helping businesses when in fact it obtained a business permit on June 23rd of this year.

This is a good reminder to Las Vegas real estate residents that all that glitters in our valley is not gold.  There are a number of scams out there right now claiming everything from loan modification help and loan restructuring to first time homebuyers education and grants.  To help navigate all the tough waters out there, why not contact a licensed and experience REALTOR whose only vested interest is in your happiness?