Buying – Selling Homes in Las Vegas

With over a half decade in the Real Estate business, Jacob Keck knows the ins and outs of the business. Starting in 2004, he began his real estate career working as a job site manager for a nationwide homebuilding company. Quickly working up through the ranks, Jacob was soon promoted to an area manager. Realizing his passion for working with customers, Jacob switched to the sales side in February of 2007. After a year of selling homes for the new home builder, Jacob decided it was time to open up his business to all types of clients, not just ones looking for a new home. In May of 2008, Jacob joined the team at Independence Realty.

Buying Homes in Vegas

Buying in Las Vegas

Buying Real Estate in Las Vegas can be quite challenging. Three years ago, there were more homes than buyers. Now, there are too many buyers and not enough homes. Great Homes Vegas works hard to stay on top of the market conditions so you can have the greatest benefit and up to date information when it comes to purchasing Real Estate. Most buyers fall into one of three categories: owner occupant, vacation or second home, investment property.

Owner occupied means that you are buying real estate for you to live in. Maybe you are new to town and need advice on what areas would best fit your needs, or there may be certain school districts that you are looking to stay in, whatever the case, Great Homes Vegas is here to help. We can set up an automatic feed directly from the MLS so that you receive properties with the exact parameters you are looking for. Contact us today and we can show you the first steps towards making homeownership in Las Vegas a reality.

If you are looking to buy a second home, what better place than Las Vegas where we have more sunny days per year than almost anywhere else in the country! Picking the right vacation home can be quite a challenge. That's where we come in! Knowing how far you want to drive from the airport, what amenities you want to come "home" to, which casinos you like to frequent is all a part of the challenge. Contact us today and let us to do the hard work while you sit back and enjoy your vacation!

Looking for an investment property with a great cap rate? Let Great Homes Vegas help! We have helped dozens of investors find great income producing properties. Knowing where to look and the rentability of certain areas is key to success. Our track record speaks for itself. We know when and where to look so you get the maximum benefit. You worked hard for your money, now let your money work for you!

Selling Homes in Vegas

Selling in Las Vegas

The current selling environment in Las Vegas can be a tough river to navigate. That's why you need the expertise of Great Homes Vegas. We will sit down with you and give you a full Comparative Market Analysis of your home and show you all of your options, even if we conclude your best interest is to stay in your home and wait out the storm.

Equitable sellers are fortunate, in this day and age, to have the ability to sell their home at a profit. Looking at the market over the last 15 years, we are still on the rise. It is possible to sell your home for a profit. You worked hard to get it, so let us show you how to keep as much of it as possible. Let us sit down with you and share our marketing strategy that will give you the greatest benefit and put the most money in your pocket.

Considering a short sale? Knowing what to do and who to trust can be a tough decision. We have closed 80% of our short sale listings. Sometimes they don't work out, but we will be with you every step of the way to make sure you understand all of the complexities of the sale and where necessary, we will refer you to free legal counsel. Short selling your home is not a painless process, but with our help, we will make it as painless as possible.